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Expert sod installation in Nashville TN is just a call away!

Whether you need a few patches to replace some dead spots or it is time to replace your entire lawn with new green grass; Nashville Sprinklers can get your lawn looking fresh and new in no time!

After you give us a call to set up your free quote, one of our landscape experts will take measurements and give you advice on how to keep it properly irrigated and green.

All you need to do is order the sod rolls and prepare the ground the night before it is delivered and installed by giving it a good soaking.

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    Caring for Your New Grass

    You don’t have to have a green thumb to have a great looking yawn, you just need to know how to care for it properly and Nashville Sprinklers is here to help!

    After sod installation you can typically expect your new grass to do well assuming you follow these simple tips and guidelines

    During your sod installation service appointment we will make sure to water it very heavily so that the roots can grow firmly into the soil quickly. If your appointment is in the morning you will need to ensure that your new grass is properly watered throughout the day after we leave.

    You will need to keep the sod and the soil moist throughout the day for the first two weeks after your sod installation, which typically requires four to six sprinklings during the day. If you have had Austex Sprinklers install and underground sprinkler system prior to sod installation this part is hands and worry free!

    Keeping people and objects off of your new grass for the first two weeks is also important. Heavy objects and the weight of people walking can crush your grass root pods which can damage them and keep your grass from taking root evenly, potentially leaving unsightly bare spots.

    You will want to reduce the amount of watering just before the first mowing, which should happen about two weeks after your sod installation appointment. Reducing the amount you water will help the soil underneath to firm up, helping the grass to take firm enough roots to be safe to mow. Again, a sprinkler system can be pre-configured for this!

    The first mowing is important to note as well. You want to mow with your mower set on a high level. You never want to cut more than a third of a blade of grass at this point, as your grass is still in a state where it needs to grow and settle into its new home without having to divert growing power to replacing the blades.

    Have More Questions About Sod Installation or Care?

    If you have any questions about our service, or any concerns about caring for your new grass don’t hesitate to ask!

    Our landscape experts have the answers you seek, and we are happy to help any way we can when it comes to you getting the lawn of your dreams!

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