Water Conservation

Water conservation is an powerful measure that can provide cost savings and efficient irrigation. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when planning your own water conservation initiatives.

When irrigating your home, it is important to know what type of soil you have. Certain types of soil absorb water at different rates. If you apply too much water to a slow absorbing soil, it will be wasted as run-off or evaporation.

Overspray is when a sprinkler waters an unwanted area. In most cases overspray can be prevented by choosing the right type of sprinkler for the job and ensuring it contains the proper adjustments.

Water run-off typically occurs when there is a sloped area. It is important to be aware of this area when designing an irrigation system. With proper design and correct sprinkler heads, water run-off can be avoided.

Automatic controllers are equipped with rain sensors to prevent overwatering. More sophisticated controllers measure the amount of rainfall and only apply water if the rain did not fulfill your lawn’s needs. For example, if your lawn requires 2 inches of water a day, and it only rained 1 inch, the controller will recognize this and apply just an additional inch of watering.

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