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    Nashville Irrigation Specialists

    We are Nashville irrigation specialists who are trusted throughout our area of service when it comes to excellence in customer service, craftsmanship, and helping our customers save money and enjoy their properties to the max!

    Nashville Sprinklers in Nashville, TN is the best sprinkler installation company in our service area and offer full warranties on all of our sprinkler system services.

    For a free inspection and quote on the service you are looking for please give us a call today or fill out our contact form and someone will be with you quickly!

    Best sprinkler repair technicians in Austin TX

    A Sprinkler System Installation Company in Nashville

    After years of helping homeowners in Nashville keep their landscaping looking its best, Nashville Sprinklers has become the go to company for people in our service area when nothing but the best will do!

    Are you curious about what makes us the best sprinkler installation company in Nashville?

    Irrigation Services in Nashville TN

    Nashville Sprinklers provides a variety of irrigation services in Nashville TN to make your life easier and your property looking amazing!


    Sprinkler Installation

    We have been operating as sprinkler system installation company in Nashville TN since 2011. Our expertise in sprinkler system installation has been one of the biggest sources of our many positive reviews! Speak with one of our experts today to learn more about our new sprinkler installation service.

    sprinkler repair

    Sprinkler Repair

    Even the best irrigation systems out there can have problems. Nashville Sprinklers offers affordable sprinkler repair service when things go sideways and you need a local expert to make it rain! We pride ourselves on our ability to make irrigation repairs quickly and effectively and giving our customers peace of mind with fully warranted work.

    landscape lighting

    Landscape and Architectural Lighting

    Want to show off your home’s best features after sunset? Nashville Sprinklers is also your #1 source for residential landscape and architectural lighting experts! From pathway lights to control systems and beyond; Nashville Sprinklers is the one to call to make your day (or night) a little bit brighter!

    sod installation services

    Sod Installation

    When you need to lay down some new grass to renew your lawn you can call Nashville Sprinklers for expert sod installation! We can provide professional advice on the type of grass that is best for your soil type and get your yard looking great, and of course, how to keep it that way with superior irrigation systems!

    sprinkler maintenance

    Annual Maintenance

    Keeping your sprinkler system in Nashville working properly requires annual maintenance. Our experts can make a complete inspection of your system, give a diagnosis and action plan to deal with anything they find, and get it done fast! We can help you reduce water waste and save you money by ensuring your systems are solid.

    backflow testing

    Backflow Services

    We offer a full range of backflow services to keep your irrigation system in Nashville TN working properly and keeping you in compliance with local laws regarding annual testing. For backflow device installation to repairs and testing; call Nashville Sprinklers today.

    Nashville Sprinklers is here to ensure that you receive the highest level of value of craftsmanship for the price, as well as the best overall experience possible.

    We fully warranty all of the work we perform and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure you are comfortable in choosing us for the work you need to have done.

    Whether you are looking for a sprinkler system company in Nashville TN to make sprinkler repairs or install a new sprinkler system: we are here to make it happen!

    Service Areas

    As stated above, we are experts in Nashville sprinkler installation specialists who have years of experience working with systems from many different manufacturers.

    Our technicians begin by doing a detailed survey of the area for irrigation, taking accurate measurements and taking any existing drain sources and other factors into account.

    There is no one size fits all approach to irrigation systems, and you can be sure that we treat every single project with the attention to detail it deserves.

    Our goal is to make the entire process as simple and stress free for you when it comes to choosing the right system and scheduling the new sprinkler system installation.

    What can you expect when you call Nashville Sprinklers for underground sprinkler installation?

    Here is an idea of what to expect:

    1. We work with your busy schedule to pin down a time for one of our experts to come to your home, speak with you, and perform a free irrigation inspection.
    2. One of our highly knowledgeable and friendly experts will arrive at your home and take exact measurements of your landscaping and perform an inspection.
    3. The technician will discuss your underground sprinkler needs based on his findings, ask you about any plans you may have to change your lawn’s layout, and give advice.  
    4. We will make sure to check your current water pressure and a few other details. All properties are different when it comes to these issues, and we deal in exact figures.
    5. The irrigation plan we create with the gathered information that takes features like concrete areas, plants, how much water will be needed for coverage, and more.  
    6. We take all of the information and use it to present you with appropriate underground sprinkler options that will serve your needs and keep your water bills low.
    7. Our underground sprinkler technician will provide you with a custom offer that includes a detailed explanation of what to expect during the installation as well as the price.  
    8. Once you agree to the offer we will work with your schedule to ensure that the underground sprinkler installation is completed at a time convenient for you.
    9. Nashville Sprinklers will obtain the necessary permits on your behalf before construction begins so you don’t have to worry about anything.
    10. Then we get it done!

    Give us a call today to get the process started and you will be one step closer to a worry free, beautiful landscape that is properly irrigated and the envy of your neighbors!

    We are the top rated provider for sprinkler repair in Nashville TN for a reason!

    Each of our technicians is required to receive in depth training that we provide to ensure our techs are the best in the business!

    Whether you need a few broken sprinkler heads replaced or repaired or your entire irrigation system needs an overhaul- we are the irrigation company in Nashville TN to get it done right!

    Our ability to make fast and efficient sprinkler repairs, which includes a full warranty on all work we do, is one of the reasons our customers continue to count on us when they need help with their sprinkler systems.

    For those who want to enjoy the visual appeal of their homes and landscaping after dark- Nashville Sprinklers has got you covered!

    Nashville Sprinklers offers the installation and repair of lighting systems designed and placed to show off your home’s trees, flower beds, and lawn to help you enjoy the unique architecture of your house at night.

    Pathway lights and stairway lighting help keep you and your family safer after the sun goes down, and boundary lights for a swimming pool are a must.

    Our passion is making our customer’s homes look their very best which includes after our beautiful Nashville Tennessee sunsets!

    We are here to light up your life!

    If your lawn is looking dead and lackluster it may be time to call Nashville Sprinklers for sod installation service for your home in Nashville Tennessee!

    When the time comes to revitalize the look of your home’s lawn you can skip the hard work and call Nashville Sprinklers for expert sod installation!

    The process is easy:

    1. Give us a call and schedule your free estimate appointment
    2. Our technician will take accurate measurements
    3. We will present you with a number of options
    4. You choose an option and we order the sod
    5. We schedule the delivery and sod installation appointment
    6. We get it done!

    Pretty simple right?

    We look forward to helping you revive your lawn by providing you with the best sod installation service in Nashville Tennessee!

    For annual sprinkler system maintenance look no further than Nashville Sprinklers!

    In order to keep your system working properly and efficiently our technicians do a complete inventory and inspection of each element to ascertain whether a part needs to be replaced or repaired or if any adjustments are necessary.

    This kind of overall service once a year can help keep your sprinkler system from malfunctions that require repairs and can help to reduce your water usage and waste (which saves you money!).

    Are you in need of a sprinkler system company in Nashville TN that provides affordable annual maintenance? You know what to do next!

    Whether you need to have a system installed or need to have one serviced or tested; Nashville Sprinklers in Nashville TN offers backflow services to keep everything in the green!

    Our technicians are licensed and can perform any necessary backflow testing and, with your permission, can make any repairs or adjustments to ensure that your system passes.

    This critically important is one that is easy to forget about: until it malfunctions, leading to expensive damage and possible legal action if your neighbors are affected!

    We are here to keep your property safe and your systems working; contact us today!

    A Local Sprinkler System Company in Nashville TN

    If you are currently looking for a local sprinkler system company in Nashville TN we have great news for you: you have found the best one!

    Nashville Sprinklers provides sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, and annual maintenance, as well as backflow testing, sod installation, and more!


    We are a locally owned and operated sprinkler company in Nashville, which means your dollars spent with us get put back into our community.

    Customer Satisfaction

    We also strive to help our customers have the best customer experience possible.  We look forward to working with you!

    Knowledge & Experience

    You can count on our team to have the experience needed to get the job done right.  From start to finish, we strive for excellence!

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