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Nashville Sprinklers is also a backflow service company in Nashville, TN with years of experience in helping our friends and neighbors keep their sprinkler systems working properly and remain in compliance with state law regarding proper irrigation standards.

Your backflow device, sometimes referred to as a reduced pressure zone valve (RPZ valve) is responsible for keeping the waste water from your irrigation systems from backing up into your area’s local water supply.

Tennesee law requires that your backflow device be tested annually to ensure that it is working properly and keeping you and your neighbors water supply from being contaminated.

Nashville Sprinklers is here to help with everything regarding underground sprinkler backflow devices; from initial installation to repair and testing- we have got you covered!

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    Backflow Device Installation

    If you are planning to have an underground sprinkler system installed on your property for the first time or if your backflow device needs to replaced with a new one Nashville Sprinklers is here to make it happen!

    As home irrigation specialists in operation since 2011, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to backflow device installation.

    And because we have the experience we do, we know what to look for when it comes to making sure that your new device is perfect for your particular situation.

    Backflow Repair Service

    If your device has recently failed an annual test regarding proper function or if it has obviously malfunctioned (like with a visible leak for example) give us a call for backflow repair service.

    As with any system with multiple parts, eventually one of them is bound to fail.

    If this system happens to be your backflow device the problems that this can cause can have far reaching consequences!

    Our experts are well trained in the repair techniques required to make effective repairs to a broken or damaged RPZ valve.

    Annual Backflow Testing

    Nashville Sprinklers conducts annual backflow testing services for numerous residents throughout the Austin Metro area each year.

    As a highly rated irrigation company in Nashville many homeowners trust us to conduct their annual backflow testing because they know that if we find an issue we have everything necessary to correct the issue at the time, ensuring our customers always pass the test!

    If you aren’t sure how long it has been since your last backflow test feel free to give us a call to have us check on it for you.

    Licensed and Experienced Professionals

    All of the technicians at Nashville Sprinklers are licensed to conduct official testing regarding backflow devices, and each one undergoes in-house training on installation and repair.

    This high level or professional knowledge and ability has given homeowners just like you peace of mind in knowing that when they call Nashville Sprinklers for their irrigation needs, including backflow services, they are choosing the best company for the job.

    If you have any questions about your backflow device or are in need of annual backflow testing, please give us a call today!

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