Nashville TN Sprinkler Repair Service

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Are you in need of an affordable Nashville TN sprinkler repair service?

Nashville Sprinklers is here to help!

From replacing broken sprinkler heads to replacing or repairing underground broken pvc or galvanized piping and more; we have years of experience in diagnosing and correcting problems that can keep your system from working as it should.

All of our repair work is guaranteed by our excellent warranty, we work with your schedule to make repair appointments as convenient as possible for you, and you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to results.

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    Underground Sprinkler Repair

    When a coverage area is soaked but other areas are only receiving a trickle (if that), you need to give us a call for underground sprinkler repair!

    The PVC or galvanized piping under your lawn can get broken from a variety of mishaps, most of which have to deal with pressure from above.

    If you have an underground sprinkler system this point can’t be stressed enough: do not EVER park a vehicle on your lawn!

    If your piping or another underground sprinkler repair is needed, you can trust Nashville Sprinkler to get it done quickly and without a fuss!

    Broken Sprinkler Solutions

    Does your broken sprinkler head need to be repaired or replaced?

    Depending on what is wrong with the broken sprinkler head the answer isn’t always to replace it.

    If the broken sprinkler head is obviously broken beyond repair we will have to replace it, but if the issue is that it is providing less than optimal coverage to an area it may need to be adjusted or cleaned.

    Regardless what the issue is; our technicians can make the appropriate repairs or replace your broken sprinkler head as needed.

    Call Nashville’s #1 source for broken sprinkler controller solutions when your system leaves you out to dry!

    A broken sprinkler controller is a serious problem, beyond the obvious.

    The issue with your broken sprinkler controller could be a faulty relay or circuit that, if left unrepaired, could lead to an electrical fire!  

    Your safety means everything to us: don’t hesitate to call us!

    Nashville Sprinklers has a great deal of experience in diagnosing and repairing broken sprinkler controllers from many different manufacturers, and we are always ready to give you a hand!

    Contact us today if your controller has stopped controlling!

    Your Sprinkler Repair Specialists

    Nashville Sprinklers are your repair specialists when your underground sprinkler repair needs are front and center!

    When one of our technicians inspects the broken components of your underground sprinkler system they will be able to tell you whether or not if your warranty covers the repair (in the case that we installed it).

    In most cases the repairs we need to make take a small amount of time, and you can rest that we do our utmost to disrupt your landscape as little as possible.

    If you need sprinkler repair in Nashville TN – Nashville Sprinklers is the one you need to call!

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